In recent years, DePaul Community Resources recognized a rapid increase in the number of children and teens entering the foster care system due to multiple forms of abuse and neglect. The proliferating opioid epidemic was threating the well-being of families and caused a devastating impact on the children and child welfare system throughout Virginia.  While proud of their foster-to-adopt rates, DePaul now faced the challenge of providing more long-term foster homes. The specific target goal was to identify 60 new foster homes in Virginia.


Our team created and launched a targeted advertising campaign,“Fostering Everyday Love,” to highlight the need for new foster families in Virginia.


Four simultaneous press conferences were held throughout Western Virginia. These events resulted in significant media exposure of the campaign message throughout DePaul’s service area.

A series of 3 videos provided a poignant visual representation of the needs of the organization and the rewarding outcome of seeing kids thrive in foster care.  These videos were included in television advertising and social media campaigns to encourage engagement.

Various brochures were designed to highlight some of DePaul's Foster Families, with examples of practical skills to develop strong relationships and mentorship for at-risk children in. Complementary yard signs and a direct mail piece were also created to help boost campaign awareness.


Through the combined efforts of the campaign, DePaul saw significant growth in the number of new foster family inquiries. As a result, DePaul received 74 new applications within 6 months, half of which became approved foster homes.

"You have the heart and home they need to live life to its fullest.
We provide the support you need to make that happen."