Pulaski County tourism

Aerial view of a river in Pulaski County.

About Pulaski

In the middle of nowhere, among the mountains, lakes, rivers, and trails is somewhere. Pulaski County sits in the New River Valley of Virginia and is known for its rolling hills and settlement of small farmers. It is a thriving hub for local businesses, fine food and wine, camping, and exploration of the arts.

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Pulaski Tourism wanted a website that depicts its destination with visual appeal and provides helpful information to viewers. The digital and creative teams at 5Points combined forces to deliver exactly what Pulaski was envisioning.


After conducting discovery research, 5Points Creative created a website with an updated site map and navigation, elevated design look, and modern compatible functionality with various devices and operating systems. 5Points also supplied Pulaski with best practices for SEO support, social media outreach, and content creation for marketing purposes.

iPhone image of the Pulaski County website.
Clayton Lake Webpage of Pulaski County's website.
Laptop of the Pulaski County home page.

“The work 5Points Creative does for us has translated into both an effective media plan and some beautiful products. The new website they built (VisitPulaski.org) gave us the WOW we’ve been looking for, both in look and feel, as well as in the results achieved.”
Peggy White
Tourism Director