May 11, 2023

5Points Creative Wins Multiple Communicator Awards

Roanoke, VA – May 2023. – 5Points Creative recently received two Communicator Awards of the highest honor for website and promotional collateral. The Communicator Awards recognized the new Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP) website with an Award of Excellence.  The Pulaski County Tourism Award of Excellence was granted for the firm’s promotional collateral materials. 

Founded nearly three decades ago, The Communicator Award is one of the leading international award programs recognizing excellence, effectiveness, and innovation in communication across a spectrum of industries.  

“We believe the best work comes from listening first and then collaboration,” said Bruce C. Bryan, 5Points Creative President. “That’s why we were honored to receive the highest honor for the meaningful work we did to help LEAP and Pulaski County Tourism.  It was exciting to again be recognized for our ongoing relationship with Pulaski County and we love the work we do for them.  LEAP is such a significant part of our community in Roanoke that we knew we’d be able to make a lasting difference with some solid marketing support.” 

The impact of meaningful collaboration was evident in LEAP’s new website. 

“We were excited to create a website for an organization whose mission serves our community,” said Brad Boothe, 5Points Creative Operations Director. “Our goal was to visually showcase the impact of LEAP through simplistic and holistic site structure and design.” 

Visually focused and simplistic strategies were also utilized in Pulaski County Tourism’s promotional collateral for economic development assets. 

“This was a unique project as we wanted to showcase the diverse features of Pulaski County for multiple economic development audiences,” said Kym Ricketts, 5Points Creative Director. “Through collaboration with the client, we were able to both visually tell their story and create a beautiful piece in the process.” 

This marks the 13th and 14th Communicator Awards for 5Points Creative. 

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