August 26, 2021

Zoom Fatigue

Gotten Used2Zoom Meetings?

From all accounts, Zoom calls are going to remain a part of the business day.

For years companies ran WebEx, Teams, and other video conference meetings, but it wasn’t until 2020 that we all started playing in that arena on a regular (read: daily, or even hourly) basis. That shift was startling to many and became routine to most in business over the past year or so. People dreaded Zoom calls, appreciated Zoom calls, and the phrase “Zoom Fatigue” even became a thing – like Athlete’s Foot, Tennis Elbow, or a crick in your neck.

As often as I was planted in front of my computer screen, it was natural my mind would start to wander. During the setup of my Zoom calls and in a few double-checking tests, I realized that what we see on our screen isn’t what others are witnessing on theirs. Your images are backwards to you but look right to the rest of the people on the call.

The Lessons4All of Us

It's odd to look at myself on a Zoom call from the viewers’ perspectives and not from my own. I noticed a few things:

  • No one really likes how they look on Zoom.
  • People can tell when you are paying attention or doing something else.
  • Laptops give less flattering angles than desktops.
  • We all look better than we think we do, so relax.
  • How you help or support someone is way more important than how you look.

Beyond all of that, consider this shift in thinking.

Authentic and passionate care for others and what is happening with them in their situations is evident whether it is in real life, on the telephone, or on Zoom. No matter how the client looks on Zoom, trust me, there is more going on in their lives behind that camera. Keep that in mind as you work through your agenda and crowded day. It’s a good reminder that just like Zoom calls are now a part of the average office workday, paying attention to what others are seeing and going through is critical to business success.

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