September 18, 2018

S.O.S : Secure Other Support

You Need2Let Help In

In the early days of my agency my clients would ask me to help them come up with an idea.  I would quickly reply “okay,” or “you bet,” or “we’ve got this”.

Then, I would retreat to my car or make the walk back to my office on Kirk Avenue, stare ahead, and think "Oh man, what do I do now?" I always had faith the idea would come, but its arrival frequently included anxiety, questions, and some additional stress.

Frankly, the pressure meant the creative process was bound to be more difficult.

As my firm grew, I started working more closely with creative folks which allowed for the dispersal of some of that pressure. It certainly made life easier.  Even still, I had to learn to let go.  It was time to let others add their input and ultimately come up with the (usually even better) creative approach.

Honestly, much of the growth of B2C came as other – more talented – creative people got involved in the process.

A Sales (and Leadership) Reminder4Us

Years later, I’ve realized something even more important has stemmed from our creative shift:  Not only did the process get less stressful and easier, but I became a better account executive and manager.

Now, when I’m in front of a prospect or client, I simply KNOW my team is going to have an exceptional creative idea.  It’s a relief when you know the people working alongside you are going to come through.  Relief is significant, but the confidence you have in your team shows in your approach and presentation.

It’s the same reason the star quarterback elects to toss the ball to his favorite receiver, or the editor gives the big assignment to that accomplished reporter.

As sellers and account managers we are a reflection of the team behind us who are doing the work.  When they’re doing great work it shows naturally through our demeanor and plays out well for those of us out in front of the public.  The confidence you have in your team gives you the ability to leave a meeting and simply know you really do have this covered.

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