March 20, 2016

You Can’t Fake Sincerity


The insincere salesperson.

They’ve ruined the process for many. Certainly they’ve made a lot of work for those who genuinely do put their prospects' best interests first. Typically when a salesperson walks through the door, the potential client leans to the position of distrust. It may be unfortunate, but it’s generally the case.

What I’ve noticed through the years of training sales people, selling, and now being sold to, is it’s pretty easy to spot the ones who care. You can quickly differentiate the sellers who are looking out for you versus the ones who are in it for themselves.

It’s a decision each salesperson must make each day. A choice.

Really Do It4Success

About the only thing worse than a salesperson that doesn’t care, is one who is pretending to care.

It’s obvious to everyone around – except maybe that person themselves.


Keep smiling if you want, we see right through you.

If you think you can fake it, you’re better off going the vendor route and just providing a product when asked. Genuinely caring means taking an interest in the prospect or client, paying attention to the things that really matter to them, listening to their work (and sometimes personal) pain, and providing a real and proactive solution. It starts with caring. Sincerely caring.

It’s one time where you’re never smart to fake it until you make it.

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