April 20, 2012

Yearn to Learn

April 2012

Turn It In2Something Good

Early in my career I worked directly for six different sales managers over a period of about two years. It would have been easy to be distracted by all the various routines, demands, and processes each wanted me to employ as I was getting started in the advertising business.

All had things they could offer a young salesperson. Somewhere in the middle of all the changes I made a decision to try to grab on to some of the strongest elements of each of their styles. I took the prospecting plan of one, the relationship building skill of another and the inventory management strategy of a third. Over time these different managers’ ways were combined with my own experiences to help forge my own management approach. It actually helped me.

How Its Helpful4You

A lot of things may be working against you. There’s no doubt it’s easy to be distracted by things going on around you – mergers, cutbacks, slowdowns, budget freezes and turnover can hold you back from doing your best.

I don’t think you need a rah-rah, go take on the world pep talk. That’s not why I am writing this. Instead, I want to encourage you to pull back and evaluate those things that might be perceived as negatives by others. Take a look at the situations that are dragging down the people with whom you work and make a decision.

First of all – ask yourself if you can fix it. Then do so. If it isn’t fixable; figure out a way to take the negative and become stronger through it. Maybe you can take notes and set them aside for when you are the big boss. Or try using the time to hone specific skills. Perhaps you can get better at observing what people are really trying to say or communicate. Possibly it could be finding a way to be more creative. Whatever the outcome, you set the direction you are going to take through the choppy waters.

It may actually help you in the long run.

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