July 27, 2018

Building Relationships with Words


My Dad is probably the biggest fan of my writing – and sometimes my biggest critic.  I’ve seen the statistics for this monthly piece and most of you who receive it actually read it. Some of you may muddle through it while others engage with the message, writing to tell me thank you or explain how a point hit them just right.  In many cases, my Dad will still give me feedback and tell me how much he liked what I wrote.  He’s been reading (and editing) my work since the 1970’s when I was a cub sports reporter at the local town newspaper in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

"The Kennett Square Killer Moths Win Again"

These columns are submitted because I love to write and because I usually have something helpful to share.  Helping people is a passion of mine and this serves as a gateway for that purpose.  In the process, it’s also helped me and my business.  This monthly tip or thought-starter is definitely an outlet.  It’s also a way to keep B2C Enterprises in front of prospective, current, and former clients of our advertising and marketing agency.  It’s one of the ways we build top of mind awareness – that’s for sure.

Things2Take Away

There is a reason to do this.  And frankly, it is a reason you should consider yourselves.While you may not love to write like I do, surely there is someone in your organization who does. Consistently creating helpful content is one of the most powerful business development tools your company can employ.  The material needn’t be sales focused – in fact it’s often better if it isn’t – but the regular outreach can make a huge impact for your growth.Put those ideas and thoughts out there – as a part of your routine.   People love to receive helpful information.  Then, when they have other questions or thoughts, you and your organization can become a resource to them.  It’s because they remember hearing from you.  It’s true I write these pieces because I want to, but now that the secret is out, I also write them to engage people who may have an interest in working with us.

Plus, who doesn’t love getting sweet feedback from their 89-year-old father in their email inbox? (Hi, Dad.)

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