January 16, 2024

Working2Acquire Talent

We’re actively recruiting for…..”

This is a phrase, or even a buzzword, that c-levelers and human resources management types often toss around without a lot of thought. 

Actually, when you dig a little deeper you find it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As we begin anew year, the fact remains that staffing and talent acquisition, continues to operate within a complex reality.

There simply aren’t as many people as there are positions. That means there are changes you need to make as you enter 2024. It starts with the tactics you use forgetting better qualified and talented candidates in the door.

The BiggerQuestion4You

So, what does “actively recruiting” mean to you and your company?

Odds are the answer is, “we have a job posting on our website and we shared it onIndeed.” Is that a tactic or is it passively sharing that you have an opening? Sure, it’s a good place to start, but that’s just it. A starting place.

These days actively recruiting starts before you have an opening. Good recruiters and leaders meet with talented people even when open positions aren’t available. Face-to-face visits are a wise way to identify who could be a part of your team now, soon, or down the road.

Next, realize that with so many options for employment, potential employees are checking out employers with amazing scrutiny. One of the first steps they’ll take is to visit your website or check your social media channels. So, what are those outlets saying about you and your company? Are they showcasing your unique culture? Are you a good place to work?  Is the team interesting and engaging? Do you mix in some fun with hard work? Just be sure to highlight those unique things that will separate your office, team, and organization from others.

I’ve also found it very helpful to review my LinkedIn connections for people who might be a good fit for an opening I have. Asking fellow leaders if they know people who have some of the skills you’re looking for is another smart move. You might considering outreach advertising - radio, outdoor, digital, print, or even television - to help you leverage media marketing in filling those positions. 

Obviously, the tried-and-true methods for recruiting of days gone by, don’t work. In 2024, recruitment starts with leadership and specific acquisition strategies designed to get qualified candidates in the door faster.  

Actively pursue talent – at all times.

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