April 13, 2022



So many of our clients are using marketing and advertising to support their sales process.  Marketing and sales typically go hand in hand and, in fact, many companies have combined those departments.  When we engage our clients in an advertising program, it is often to help them with “direct response” results.

You know the kind of ads – call now, buy now, operators are standing by.

Even in those situations, we encourage our clients to see the deeper power of an ongoing outreach campaign.  There is a lot more behind advertising than simply delivering messages to the “now-buyers.” A critical objective in strong campaigns is the top of mind awareness created when a company consistently schedules their advertising over a longer period of time.

Those same companies who may be looking for instant gratification learn something else.

How2Leverage Your Advertising

Scheduled appointments with their prospects suddenly get a lot easier.  Their salespeople find the people they are meeting with are aware of their company or product and therefore are more interested, believe more of what they are saying, and are more agreeable.  Why is that?

Typically, the buyer has a greater awareness of the company, understands what is driving their success, and recognizes they are established and solid.  In other words, there is credibility. That credibility is a result of the ongoing advertising campaigns we are running on their behalf.

So, while the short-term benefit of the advertising is capturing that ready-to-buy viewer or listener, the exposure that comes from an ongoing advertising or marketing campaign generally provides that extra benefit.  

Advertising naturally builds trust with people.  As a business leader, with a strong program in place, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the sales process with interested and excited prospects.  

That’s why sales and marketing really do belong together.


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