March 20, 2011

Who You Gonna Call?

March 2011


When you get good news about your business - who do you call?  When something exciting or frightening happens to your organization - what number do you initially dial?

A few weeks ago my company had one of those bursts that often accompany a fast growing organization.  On Monday it was confirmed B2C Enterprises would be handling all the marketing for a local franchisee of a major national company.  Along with my creative partners, two campaigns we built won Western Virginia Addy Awards the following Saturday.

I called Kevin Shaw. 

A Thought4You 

When you are ready to scream – either with joy or because of frustration – do you have a team of people you know are firmly and squarely in your corner?  Running a business is hard.  Trying to do it alone is nearly impossible.  It’s important to have people to connect with who can add perspective, challenge you, or simply listen.  Listen and care. I am fortunately to have a number of those people.

Kevin Shaw is a Partner with Wieland-Davco, a Michigan-based construction company and we grew up in the marketing/advertising world together.  He took the call, shared my excitement, and reminded me how important it is to celebrate together.  Maybe today would be a good day to pick up the phone and call “your Kevin Shaw”.  It’s a small action step, but frequently the smallest steps make the largest difference.

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