March 20, 2020

When the Time is Right

Wait2Do This?

Yesterday, in the midst of all the new ways of conducting business, I was on my seventh conference call of the week and a significant client of ours told us what had been happening in their world. Major work was being put off by a large cross section of their clients. He tongue-in-cheek said, “August is going to be a really busy month,” because that’s the arbitrary time everyone has determined things will get back up and running.

Nobody really knows when the craziness of this virus will pass or when business will return to whatever “normal” is. While there is some benefit to having to learn new things (like trying to stand during those web conference calls), it’s obviously an uncomfortable time.

August is far enough out into the future, past the “summer vacation” months, and yet not too much into the distant. So, sure. August seems good but wait a minute.

The world is telling you to wait, but it's your move. What will you do next?

A Concept4Your Consideration

The problem is, life may take a little longer to “get back to normal”. Or maybe we’ll bounce back quicker, but people won’t feel so good about keeping their summer vacation travel plans considering all the social distancing they’ve been doing this spring. Honestly, no one really knows how busy August will be.

You’re adjusting. You’re adapting. It’s really all a business can do. Or is it?

If you can get past the initial gut punch and somehow deal with the newness surrounding the way commerce is done, there are so many things you can accomplish during this time. I run a non-profit music venue as a side hustle ( and for that organization and so many others like it, there isn’t a lot that can be done because, well, the doors are shut.

For you as a leader, as you get your oxygen mask over your face, think about how you can set a course for your team by getting that design in place or fixing that system that has long needed your attention. Now is a great time to build a recruitment plan, a marketing plan, or perhaps even look at a merger or an acquisition.

Don’t get me wrong. These are trying times, no doubt. In some regards we have no idea just how tough they can be. But that doesn’t have to mean these are idle times. Just as you’ve done in the past – use the shifting landscape to give your marketing and business development approach some much needed attention.

It's your very best bet to get back on track… when the time is right.

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