November 20, 2010

What's New?

November 2010


What counts as new?

While doing some research on what other marketing companies are doing with their web sites I happened upon a Roanoke-based firm who had a “What’s New” section on theirs. When I clicked on the link it was clear they had a different perspective on what counted as new. The latest entry was from April 2010 – over six months ago.

In a web-based world where current is king and information is expected, out-of-date stale “news” sections are a problem, especially when the site is for a Marketing or Advertising Agency.

A System4Success

It’s critical you have the structure in place to make your web site a relevant, changing and current part of your business model. If you don’t plan for regular web site updates and marketing, it won’t happen. Your site quickly becomes like week-old bread…

We can coordinate a system of regular updates with our Content Management platform and the unique approach we take to proactively updating and marketing your link to internet customers and visitors. Just like someone has to “mind the store,” it just makes sense to constantly work to keep your web site fresh.

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