June 20, 2016

Value Your Value


We all like a good deal. Who doesn’t like to save some money?

B2C Enterprises invests over a million dollars in media most years, while at the same time, interacting with salespeople from at least seven states. That’s a lot of business transactions and a lot of sales appointments.

Sometimes there’s an odd sales quirk within the communication I find to be very interesting, yet somewhat disconcerting.

For some strange reason, on many occasions a salesperson begins reducing their original price, before we even start any discussions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to save money, on behalf of my clients and my company, but when it happens before I even ask for a better price - that’s a red flag.



Oddly, they don't seem to appreciate it when I pull out the flag and throw it across the office.


The negotiation process hasn’t even started and the prices are being lowered. Why?

Believe me, I’m a big supporter of fair pricing – whether I am buying or selling. Odds are you’re often in a place where you are also buying or selling something. Most of us don’t want to pay more than necessary. However, if you’re the one setting the price, it’s important to determine what is fair, right, and reasonable, all the while discerning what will keep you competitive.

A company that immediately (or even before being asked) drops their price sends a message of being out of step. To begin with, they’re either priced too high, in a desperate selling situation, or they are simply afraid of losing the sale. As a buyer it’s up to you to determine which it is. As a seller it’s a valuable reminder to take a good look inward.

Before leaving this subject – there’s an important distinction. It’s okay to offer sales, discounts, or deals --- that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s the base price, the going rate, the usual fare where you establish your value. If you set that correctly – it remains a constant.

Place value in knowing your value. That’s the really good deal.

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