December 20, 2012

To Whom Are You Speaking?

December 2012

Talk2Whom You Need

Throughout the years I have written a lot about your message and how to craft what you want to say in your marketing, business development and advertising. Here’s a simple B2Seed reminder for your ongoing consideration…

The right message – built and honed – but sent to the wrong audience, will not accomplish the goal.

It’s not enough to be creative or pretty or even “remarkable” if you do not know exactly who you want to receive the advertisement or marketing piece. So much energy by so many people (many in the advertising community) is spent getting the outreach just so. Without the accompanying target work much of it goes to waste.


There are many ways to figure out who needs to receive the messages you are sending. I’d start with the first and simplest way --- look around. Take a break from the chaos of commerce and note who you are already doing business with on a regular basis. Begin to identify who they are and what they have in common – it’s the key to taking that first step OR reminding yourself of who your target really is.

Next, try to find more of those people. Most research and advertising firms can help you access information you can use to customize your approach. In the old days people in advertising grouped potential patients, customers and clients as ages --- 25-54, 50+, 18-34, etc. Go ahead and pay attention to that data, but let that start your target discovery not end it.

There is more information at your disposal than ever before. It’s time for you to start using it.

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