February 20, 2016

Step it Up

Stretch2Grow Your Place

You get in and settle into your job and before you know it, the realization hits there are lots of other things that need to get done. If these tasks are ignored, a pattern can quickly develop where you concentrate solely on your assigned task and begin to ignore the ones that also need attention. A set of boundaries purposefully or incidentally begins to be built.

cat in clear box

You may not see it, but you can feel it.

As an outside consultant for dozens of companies I see this a lot.

People get too set in their routines – or should I say – aren’t willing to get a little uncomfortable in taking on the challenge of new tasks without being asked. Now, I’m not saying you should just go on and tackle all kinds of things without anyone asking you. I am submitting to you, for your consideration, the idea that you can be assertive in even the most conflicted work environment. The is especially true if you have a track record of getting things done and have a plan for the needed accomplishment.

Big Steps4You

Writers usually take time to build their credibility. If you’ve read my entries before you know I generally do the same. This time, I’d tell you to be sure you get good advice before going forward too far – and not just from me. This month’s Seed springs from an observation.

The work force has changed in the last decade. Most managers and competent leaders are acknowledging there are less people on their teams (and much more work to be done). Rather than protecting territory, managers are begging for someone to step forward and take on more. Could that person be you?

Perhaps you’re asking, “Why would I want to tackle more?”

Well the answers are pretty simple really --- you become a better (and more valuable) employee, you learn more skills, and maybe most importantly, you may find there is something you like doing even more than what you’re currently working on.

That’s a concept that we’ve tried on for years now at B2C Enterprises. And for this marketing and advertising agency – it’s been a pretty darn good fit.

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