May 20, 2013

Start at the Start

May 2013

The Call4Just a Little More

It was probably a motivational speaker or maybe a magazine, but sometime well before the internet was a regular part of our business day I heard someone say, “You can always do more than you think you can”. People banter that concept around in life, but what if you applied it to your business? If you’re in sales, you may find power in making just one more stop at the end of the day. If you’re in operations, perhaps you can focus your efforts on fixing a broken link in your supply chain. Maybe you care for patients and have recognized there is a better way to enhance their experience.

Whether you are in sales, operations or customer service think about what would happen if you committed to changing a behavior or approaching your work differently.

Make That Change2Day

Really, begin today.

Start by making one more sales call, initiating a fix for a production issue, or integrating a new way to better care for your patients. Here’s the best advice you can get – do something. What I have found professionally is I can more easily tackle a hard to solve problem or finish a major presentation if I simply start it.

Often the work comes together nicely after we’ve made the effort to begin. Starting may be as easy as sketching a drawing, jotting an idea, creating an outline or brainstorming with a co-worker. From there you’re on your way. But it starts with the start and if you begin there --- right now --- who knows how much more you can get done?

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