September 20, 2010

Show - Don't Necessarily Tell

September 2010


How do you possibly say “a picture is worth a thousand words” without repeating that trite saying?

The answer is you show, demonstrate, create emotion, and build a connection. A top notch photograph as the focal point of your advertising campaign typically does the trick. Don’t get me wrong – engaging copy can do a great job drawing your audience in or helping them to take action, but the value of an integrated photograph is too often underestimated.

Now See4Yourself

This is Libby. She is a six year old cancer survivor from Roanoke, Virginia.

Rather than telling everyone how much good the Children’s Miracle Network is doing, the organization ( ) made the decision to connect with their audience through Libby. This photograph used in a local billboard campaign, captures the essence of Libby and builds an emotional tie to the Children’s Miracle Network and the Clinic.

If you’d like to evaluate if custom photography or building a “bank of images” for future use by your company or organization would make sense you can visit and see some more of his work and speak with him directly. Using creative photography can make a huge impact…for ideas on integrating photography and other creative concepts.

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