Serve and Protect Your Brand

September 2014


Tell people who you are and explain what you do.

It seems pretty easy on the surface but many companies struggle to define themselves and do so in a way that others understand. Over the past several months, B2C Enterprises has had the fortune of helping several companies do just that. By creating a name as well as defining their brand, B2C helps companies expand and grow their product or service lines. We use our proprietary Brand2Capture process to walk our clients through the elements that help define them, the look that aligns with who they are, and language that captures what they do.

While the process may be the same, the results never are. They can't be - because no two situations or businesses are exactly alike. What seems to get most people stuck is defining exactly what they do.

"Social Media Strategist" - Person with the Twitter password

Sometimes it is easier than others.


A while back I saw the familiar look of a Chicago Police cruiser. It was the same as I'd seen in movies like the Blues Brothers or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It remained just like it was on ER and all the other shows throughout the years. I'd seen it hundreds of times - or maybe more. This time, however, something different caught my attention.

Chicago Police

On every cruiser is the phrase, "we serve and protect". A very strategic move from a police department rooted in a not-so-appealing past. To overcome this perception, the Chicago Police Department emphasizes and defines their roll to first "serve" the community and then "protect" it. A daily reminder about what those men and women are called to do.

Simple and direct.

How about you? What does your business, medical practice or organization intend to do?