January 23, 2020

Say Goodbye2the 1990's

Say Goodbye2the 1990's

Twice in a matter of days I asked a “youngin” about learning something and both times they took the same tack. Suddenly, I realized how old I was.

You see, back in the day we’d have asked a friend for information, or gone to the library, or found an expert, or gotten a hold of an owner’s manual. Heck, back then we’d even grab a phone directory and look up a business that could help us solve our problem. A phone book? It’s almost laughable now.

These days all people – especially younger people – simply google things to find their information. (I kept "google" lower case because it's a certified verb now.) Or, better yet, people will youtube the answers to their queries (again, a verb).

It’s just how things are done today.

And there's probably an option somewhere along the way to share that information on social media.

Use the Tools4You

It’s 2020 – time to embrace the action of googling or youtubing something. Whether you want to learn how to save an orchid that is going brown or see how a 1996 Cadillac STS works in an easy-to-grasp video format, it’s the most current way to get information.

You’ve probably already been thinking about making some improvements in the digital arenas of your organization’s world. Consider this as the powerful suggestion you needed in order to get those things up to date and make sure your business is reflected in these platforms. It's not just ensuring you're in the mix, it's realizing culturally this is how people gather knowledge and get their facts. It’s simply how commerce works these days.

Of course we still have appreciation for the Spin Doctors, Cheers, and those bright, colorful braided sweaters, but it’s time to get with the times people. (If you don’t know much about braided sweaters, it’s okay. You can google it.)

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