October 25, 2018

Creating Space to Create

Quiet is Needed2Create

When you run a small business, manage a few dozen accounts, shepherd a travel basketball playing teenager, and work behind the scenes on two non-profit leadership teams it’s easy to go from thing to thing and place to place.  You’re deeply connected to your calendar and it can both tether you and tie you down.

And the moment the universe finds out you have an hour free next Friday, is the moment it gets filled.

I work in a creative environment.
Around me are musicians and artists and photographers and foodies and writers.  Up and down our little two block, one-way street there is creativity galore.  While I may be among the least of these fine folks, I do often think about solving problems and making things better.  It’s a different kind of creativity, but it still falls in that general category.

Make Time4Peace

Peace and quiet.

Whether you consider yourself a creative individual or not, I can promise you this.  You need space to be able to get perspective and address those hard to solve problems or situations.

Earlier this year I was at a jazz concert at the Jefferson Center and in the weeks leading up to that evening I had been running about like a wild man.  It took probably three songs to quiet my soul.  Once my soul was quiet, my brain opened up.  Before I knew it I had a range of new and exciting ideas, a fresh approach to a challenging situation at work, and a new way to connect with a client.  

Interestingly enough, once those things were out of my brain, I was able to really enjoy the show.  It was a great night all around.

And it was an important reminder of the value of room to solve problems or create exciting things.

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