September 20, 2017

Pull Over and Take a Big Whiff

We Need2Look Ahead

In the marketing world, we tend to be heavily focused on the next month, quarter, or year. A lot of business is like that – forecasting sales, production, and the sort. You’re wondering what you’re going to need, how your supplies will meet your demands, when you’ll see an increase in patient flow. Everything has to work together.

If you’re in leadership, you will generally find that you’re looking ahead even more often than others. Not only are you out in front thinking about that next campaign, budget, trend, or outlook, but you’re also expected to lead your group in the right direction.

Wherever you fall in your business’s lineup, it’s almost second nature to be thinking about the coming seasons and years. (And that’s all before you even attempt to do your “Five Year Strategic Plan”, right?)

At the very least you should feel good about your "Five Minute Strategic Plan" of deciding to read this month's B2Seed.

Joy4You in the Journey

The tendency is to be so focused on what’s coming that you can easily miss the opportunity to rest where you are – even momentarily – and appreciate what is happening around you at that particular time.

There’s a reason some wise soul encouraged a young marketing guy somewhere to “stop and smell the roses”.

Perspective is gained during those periods of reflection and reflection is really hard to gather when you’re racing off to the next quarter or year. If you’re like so many – you’re on the go too much. It feels like there is no time to pull over and take a big whiff. In all reality, there isn’t time. You have to make your pause a priority or you’ll never stop going.

Of course, we encourage you to also be forward-thinking and wise in the tool gathering and planning for your time away. While you’re at it, be sure to take a moment along the way to intentionally enjoy what you are doing and bask in the great things that are happening around you.

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