May 15, 2019

Planning for the Future


There’s a new brewery in downtown Roanoke. In fact, there are like six new breweries in our hip, small city.

We’re the up-and-coming craft brewing mecca of the east coast with local and regional artisan beer-serving rooms here for Deschutes, Ballast Point, Big Lick, Soaring Ridge, Starr Hill, and Parkway. There’s even one called A Few Old Goats Brewing.

Another new joint opened this fall at the busiest corner in town, yet a lot of people haven’t caught on to it. I think one of the main reasons for the slow roll-out is there’s no sign to point the way for tourists and locals who may be interested. I’m not involved with this business, so it’s possible there is another reason why the sign isn’t up. My guess is that there was a miscalculation on how long it would take to have the signage completed and installed – that is a frequent occurrence.

Blue: When did that brewery get here? Red: I don't know! I never saw it coming.

Plan Ahead2Make It Work

Long before the doors to a business open, the building design or renovation is planned out. The zoning and blue prints are mapped. There is typically a public relations and marketing soft launch plan – sometimes even advertising is a part of that. While many marketing and communications projects can be turned pretty quickly, it’s important to note that some parts of the grand opening plan can take a bit longer.

Signs are one of the main setbacks.

To start with, sign companies seem very busy – at least around this part of Virginia. Then there’s the design and approval process which can take quite some time. There are also zoning approvals that can eat up a chunk of time too. Then pieces have to be ordered and production has to be done and all of that is before you even schedule installation.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

Man it can be a drag when you want to open that new location and have to wait on your signs.

We’re not a sign company – let me make that clear. We do, however, help a lot of clients with their signage needs and coordinate those efforts with sign companies. We’ve found there is one thing you can absolutely count on when it comes to signage – the process always takes longer than you think it should.

So, if you are involved in any type of business that is expanding, moving, or relocating, start the sign process early and let that point your way to opening success.

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