April 4, 2023

People Like2Buy from People They Know

If you’ve ever looked at the sales process then you already know that people buy from people they know and trust.  If you haven’t thought about it, now is a good time to consider what I call the “headwinds” in the sales process. 

Not all of you are involved in selling products or services, but all of us are buying things and most of us have a hand in our organization’s development or our company’s revenue generation. That means selling is a universal subject worth taking a few moments to better understand.

Selling is hard.

It’s even more difficult when your sales representative is unknown, selling for a company that lacks familiarity, and is in a new territory.  Not much is more difficult than that.  It’s a road game and the wind is in their face. They’re an unknown quantity in an uphill climb. That means they’re facing defeat and unless they’re exceptional, some proverbial wheel spinning is certain to occur. 

Get KnownBetter4Business Development

So, what can be done to get some wind at their back and make the sales process a little easier and even palatable? 

For decades I coached sellers on cold calling, and during the 90’s and the aughts I did my own share of knocking on plenty of doors. Over the past 14 years, I’ve seen the value of integrating advertising and marketing with our client’s sales efforts. Selling is easier when the wind is at your back, and that lifting breeze comes in a variety of forms. Billboards, digital marketing, television, radio, and print advertising all enhance building awareness. Branding, marketing tools, and lead generation software can make a difference in the right situation. Even things like social media, event marketing, content creation, and sponsorships will assist your developers and representatives in gaining access. 

Old fashioned cold calls can still work. Combining them with the power of good marketing and advertising simply makes so much more sense. If you’re not sure how to integrate all these tools, it’s a good time to talk with a company like ours. Interrupting advertising and marketing can make all the difference in easing entry into new customer and consumer relationships – and that means a more effective sales process.

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