October 6, 2020

New Challenges Call for New Solutions

Investing to Reach the People

Years ago, I wrote about the value of “going where the eyeballs are” when it comes to advertising. It’s an age-old axiom, but as you evaluate your place in the business community, it’s one that deserves a little closer examination. If you have exceptional messaging but aren’t sharing it with the right people, then what is the value? If you build an incredible advertisement then show it to no one, what have you accomplished?

The answers may seem obvious, but sometimes the obvious confounds people. Even smart people.

Even those well-versed in marketing can be thrown off by familiar industry jargon. For years, B-2-C in business has stood for business-to-consumer advertising while B-2-B has always referred to business-to-business advertising. If you are targeting end-user consumers, you employ B-2-C tactics and channels. If you want to reach business owners and decision makers, you use a B-2-B approach.

The only problem with that theory is that when it comes to buying things, even business-to-business focused decision-makers are themselves consumers.

The moment you realize you need to re-evaluate your target audience.

A Valuable Concept for Your Marketing

As you evaluate your advertising spending and determine how you will allocate your 2021 investments, think about new ways to reach the standard audience.

During the height of COVID, the time consumers spent in front of computers was at an all-time high. That was the same whether it was a business owner or a stay at home dad. Whether you were a soccer mom or a CEO, you were bound to your home and watching a screen. It was a pattern that transcended any type of demographic. Get it?

The majority of people in the spring and summer were also watching more TV and consuming more video and internet information. You may not have noticed it then, but think back now, and you’ll realize many of the advertisers you saw were corporations like Microsoft, Salesforce, ADP, and Adobe.

In other words – anticipate where the majority is casting their gaze and use a strong message that cuts through. The money, new deals, and business expansion will be much more likely to follow.

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