What exactly is marketing and how is it different than advertising?

The answer is often like the reference to the oldest, biggest, revenue-generating internet business, “you know it when you see it”.

The same is true for many stores in Roanoke that do such a good job with their window displays. They are attention-getting, artistic, creative, and beautiful. It’s just a window display, but these shops have a reputation now for great presentation. I look on purpose every time I walk by these shops to see what they’ve done and how it looks.

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It's kinda like window-shopping... shopping.

That's great marketing. 


Whether it’s packaging, a floor display, directional signage, sales kits, or brochures, marketing supports the way you do your business and how you want others to both view and engage with you.

Advertising is outreach. Marketing is reaching the hearts and minds of the people with whom you’re already connected. The two elements are perpetually interconnected and it’s critical both work strongly and in unison. Advertise to get the attention of the patient, consumer, or client – then market to more deeply involve them or build their warm feelings about your organization.

The thing about the window display is, like so many parts of the marketing and advertising world, it could possibly be labeled as either. I’m interested and curious about that business and, for me, it’s marketing. You are walking down the street and have no awareness of Urban Gypsy so for you it may be advertising. Either way, the window display is interrupting and reflects the business and how it is perceived. It’s a win-win.

So make the things you do to market and advertise your company consistent and interesting – and call it what you wish.