Look Out for the Breakthrough

June 2015

Time2Get That Idea

Sometimes I wonder when the idea will hit me.

In late 2009, I wrote my first B2Seed. Since then I've written over 60 columns and even in the months (like last month) when I wonder if I'll have anything to share, something strikes me. It's usually simple, occasionally profound, but whatever it is becomes practical, helpful, and thought provoking.

The goal is to help and to motivate.

The source is unpredictable and without boundaries or times. It could be an observation or a memory. It's been as simple as watching someone parallel park outside my office, or recalling a pearl of wisdom from a friend, business associate, or family member.

B2Seed June 2015
When all that fails, I still have the worldly insights thatcome with combination platter #5.

Consistently though, the ideas come and each month I (attempt to) convert them into a short message.

Look 4The Big (and Little) Ideas

Paying attention is the first big step. Good ideas are all around you. You just have to see them and notice them. Noticing things is one of the best pieces of practical advice I can give leaders. Too often I am rushing to the next appointment, or the next task, without catching the body language of that co-worker or the glance of my client.

The cues and the details surround us. Many of the concepts that we need to use to simplify our lives and achieve the goals are in front of us. We just have to see them (and write them down) so that we can apply them at a later time.

Look for your next breakthrough. It almost always comes - just not in expected ways or at the usual times.