February 26, 2020

Location, Location, Location

Three Things2Know

In real estate there’s an old saying: only three things matter – location, location, location.

It’s funny how that same adage has an application in the world of marketing and advertising as well. So many creative shops and ad agencies focus on the messaging – maybe even exclusively – with little thought or fanfare concerning where the material will run, when it will run, and how it will be rotated.

You have a bank on the south side of town and you run a billboard promoting it up in the northern suburbs. Your company’s really fun radio commercial is in the sixth spot of a seven-commercial break. Your TV commercial created to target upscale homeowners is running right in the middle of the afternoon soaps.

Location matters – in real estate and in marketing.

There's nothing sadder than an eye-catching billboard with no ice cream cravings in sight.

How You Can Make It Work4You

You should pay attention to the messages you are creating and how you are putting them into the marketplace. That’s a huge part of successful advertising and in the ultra-competitive landscape of 2020, it’s really important you get that piece of the plan right.

Do yourself a favor, though, and hold the placement of the outreach you are doing in equally high regard. Think before you lock in that annual agreement, sign up for that on-sale package, or decide about the billboard or newspaper advertisement. Even the best, most well-crafted ad has to be seen and heard by the right audience to create the momentum and branding you are hoping to gain. While it may seem simple and logical, you’d be surprised at how often I see or hear something that is way out of alignment or sorely out of position.

So remember, placement is to advertising like location is to real estate.

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