April 20, 2010

Listen to the Music

April 2010

Listen2The Music

Music Moves People.

It’s especially true in your advertising. Too often businesses or organizations just add music – almost as an afterthought – to their commercial messages. Whether your announcement needs “background” music or you are using the lyric as the hook…give original music a closer examination. Here is an example of a familiar commercial that uses music to effectively drive the message. It runs on network television, but your locally produced campaign needs to sound just as good to get the consumer’s attention. - click on the “Travelers” commercial to see (and hear) for yourself.


Some commercials cut through the clutter better than others. You hear the first few notes and immediately recognize the advertiser. That impact comes from creative messaging, strategic placement and a consistent presence. If your advertising is missing or going in “fits and starts” in any one of these areas, it might be time for a fresh approach.

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