License to Create


“Feed me.”

One of the best meals I’ve ever had was in D.C. at a tapas restaurant. It was late in the evening and the kitchen was about to close. My friends and I simply requested the staff “bring us what you want”. The chef whipped up an amazing array of small plates with all kinds of tastes, textures, and flavors. We tried them all and were blown away. It was so good. And the meal was a memory.

Let the creative people create.

Creative Solutions4You

At our shop we often discuss how good advertising “interrupts.” Successful advertising stops people in their tracks and causes a change in their behavior or action. All too frequently, many clients want to be sure the creator lists the products, shows the address(es), talks about how long they’ve been in business, or about how much quality they offer.

While these elements are important, no longer can the creative person do what they do best. They are caged in by client-imposed rules and expectations.

Last year, when I decided to market my advertising agency in the business section of our local newspaper, I turned it over to my team and let them do what they do. It was a good exercise for me and the process created leading-edge advertising that accomplished just what we wanted it to.

Trump Ad

Whether your reaction is "TRUMP!" or "TRUMP!?!" or "...trump..."we gotchya, and proved our point.

It’s the same process respectable creative teams usually follow for all clients.

Each piece is created based on the audience, the need, and the target. A custom solution is crafted with a specific goal being the primary driver. That’s the best way to use creative license to get the most effective results.

Every once in a while, let your design team bring you what they want. You may just find it’s exactly what you need.