April 20, 2014

Let it Flow

April 2014

Water Goes Where it Wants2Go

Earlier this month Beth Kolnok from our office went on what looked like a really cool hike. Those of you from around Roanoke know there are an amazing number of trails in the area. I was intrigued by this particular one because of two reasons - it was a bit off the beaten path & the payoff was the amazing view of a large waterfall. I decided to pack my backpack and try out this trail myself.

I've always loved waterfalls - I can stare at them for quite a while.

As I sat at the overlook and peered down at the Bottom Creek Gorge, I noticed the water making its own path down the mountain's ledge. Industrious people through history have figured many ways to harness the power of water.

Industrious animals figure it out as well.

Another Simple Example4Your Business

Our businesses are a lot like the path of water.

Like water, your business may flow in a natural direction, picking up speed as you move forward - often faster than you desire. Until you redirect, harness, and capitalize on the power generated, you're likely to watch it race out of control. Just as it takes planning to build a dam or a canal, you need to put thought into where you want your business to go. Directing your efforts to maximize the power at your disposal, your business will have a better chance to succeed.

Back in my days as a sales manager, I had several reps share concerns in regards to their "account list". If they were serious about improving their list, I'd spend time with them - coaching them to create a different one. Whether you are in sales, management or support, there is no reason to be a victim of the rush of business, instead direct your efforts into where you'd like to see your business thrive.

Let it flow.

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