May 20, 2010

Keep That Customer

May 2010


So much is made recently about branding your company. Use logo or name recognition to get that customer in the door or to remind that client to come see you more often. Create top of mind awareness to build traffic and increase sales. They are all good reminders - all good suggestions. Each a powerful part of the business generation plan. Advertising draws those potential clients in – so can marketing and public relations. Where companies sometimes slip off track is in engaging those customers once they have made an initial decision to do business with you or shop at your location.


It’s important to get new customers. It’s even more important to keep those customers. Two current business partners of mine specialize in that. For years Jerry Brown at has been helping literally thousands of locations around the world market to their current base of clients through his Point of Entry Marketing Programs. Whether someone approaches you by calling, clicking or visiting, they want to learn more – now you can connect with them. See how you can extend that initial brand power…email Jerry directly at

The purpose of the “care card” is to stay in touch with your clients. My old leader Jon Harpst has an interesting program ( that can help your sales force or marketing team regularly interact with their clients at a very reasonable price. It is a great example of branding carried out to the one-on-one level. Commemorate an anniversary, celebrate a birthday, or send a personal note of recognition. You can sample it free or call Jon directly at 517.202.7849 to learn more about setting up your own program. He’ll walk you through the program personally.

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