January 20, 2010

Just Because We Do

January 2010


Many of you know before I started this company my main responsibility was to recruit, build and develop sales talent at the advertising departments of television stations. In five places throughout the last twenty plus years, I have seen the elements that create a culture in an organization and the steps needed to implement change to that environment.

Every organization has a culture.

The common theme I encountered at each station was a fallback statement you’ve likely heard at your company or organization – maybe even recently. How often when you ask a question about why someone does something in a certain way do you hear, “well…that’s the way we’ve always done it”? Usually it’s just the default answer – but that statement should force a simple question from you.

“Why? Why are we doing it this way?”


Doing things the same way because, “it’s the way we’ve always done it” is not a good answer for you or your people. Demand real evaluation of processes and follow up. Seek better ways to achieve your goals and be sure you’re pushing your company beyond where you’ve been. This is the perfect time to evaluate how you have been advertising and marketing yourselves. There are plenty of options and new ways to connect with your customers, clients and prospects.

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