Invisible Ads and You

Advertising2Get Noticed

I’m convinced some ads are invisible.

Well, they certainly take up space or air, but they get skipped or ignored more than spam on a Monday morning. You know the ads I’m talking about – the tire ads that used to run in the sports section listing every available size and price, the radio commercials for the local company that tell you they believe in quality or have been in business since some year way back when, and of course the screaming car dealers appearing in commercials that run on TV. Sure you may have a passing awareness someone is saying or sharing something, but as soon as those attempts reach your eyes or ears, you’re gone. Zero interest (and not the kind of deal those same car guys are trying to sell you).

Basically – those ads are ignored. Or more directly, they are invisible.

Even if your advertisement is loud, your message can still be unheard.

The Difference4You

Why do companies insist on using the same tired tactics when trying to vie for your interest, attention, or even better when trying to get your direct response to their marketing and advertising? The answer may be a simple one – and it likely takes you back to junior high school…

It’s probably fear. Or maybe it’s because “everyone else is doing it”.

Businesses are afraid to make their advertisements different. One car dealer shouts at the TV audience so the other one decides they have to yell at their radio listeners. Neither has figured out – at that point – no one is really listening (or watching or reading). Yet it continues.

Wise marketers use their platforms to gain access, to get attention, or to create interest. Step outside of the norm, color outside of the lines, and think outside of the box… whatever you do, get away from the advertising templates that have embedded themselves into your industry. The purpose is to build awareness and get noticed.

That almost never happens with invisible ads.