October 20, 2012

Idea Links

October 2012

Simple2Be Creative

Notice I said simple – not easy.

Through the years I have kept a series of folders and files labeled “ideas” or “creative concepts”. Whether it was for a talk, a sales concept or a creative idea, when I came across something that really caught my eye or grabbed my attention, I filed it away – never knowing when it might become useful. Those recycled ideas – often rebuilt for a different purpose have served me well.

Earlier this year, I met a man from Minnesota named Jim Link. Jim has written a book Idea-Links: The New Creativity. He has perfected this creative process and is helping Fortune 500 and small organizations alike figure new ways to solve problems.

Creative Solutions4Your Business

His approach capitalizes on experience. According to him, creativity isn’t produced through wacky off-the-wall brainstorming sessions, but through observing experiences to arrive at new solutions to some of these old and troubling problems.

Bolstered by your inner-curiosity and assisted by this fresh approach, you have many more tools at your disposal for solving that troubling issue or finding a new path to deal with that challenge you are facing. While motivational speeches are fun, the impact rarely lasts. The disciplines used in applying Jim’s principles are lasting and relevant to all types of situations. Check out his book and see for yourself – or better yet look into having him come present his ideas in person to your leadership or sales team.

What you need could already be around you – ready to be discovered by observing and then following the New Crea

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