How's Business

September 2015


With about as much frequency as “How’s it going today?” I am asked “How’s business?”


Immediately I have to decide….Is this a “not sure what to ask you so I’ll just ask the simple how is business question”, or are they genuinely interested in the affairs of the marketing and advertising agency I run? And if they are actually interested in the affairs of the company, how much do I really think they want to know or hear?

Most of the time people just want the basic information – they’re busy and on to the next thing.

The Quick Solution4You

I heard someone say once, “You asked me what time it was and I told you how to make a watch."

There is a time and a place for details, but I’m pretty sure when you’re faced with answering that ever-present question about business, it’s generally neither the time, nor the place. The “how’s business” question requires an answer that is authentic, true, and (maybe most of all) concise.

Here’s a secret – I’ve been working a lot this year on my own answer to that whole “how’s business” query. Thinking through it on my own and with a few trusted advisors led me to the place where I can help you come up with your own standard answer.

So how’s business?

“It’s so great to work for clients who appreciate what we do - with people I love in a comfortable environment. And I get to do it here in Roanoke, Virginia.”

Yep, business is good.