May 20, 2015

Holiday Road

May 2015

Take Time2Enjoy the Days

"Don't wish away your summer."

That's what my Mom would tell me as a middle schooler when in early June I'd start talking about our annual family beach trip that wasn't until late August.

We'd pack the little wagon and head to North Carolina's Outer Banks for a two week (remember when two week vacations still existed?) family trip and it was generally the highlight of the summer.


Although there was that one year...

They were great trips, but as Mom so rightly pointed out, they came at the very end of the summer. Before the trip there was wiffle ball to play, swimming to dive into, friends to ride bikes with, girls to meet, smaller family trips to take, and movies to watch. All enjoyable activities and the kind of things kids jam into their summers.

But if you weren't careful, you'd spend so much time looking forward to the beach trip, that you miss those good times and find yourself back in the classroom in September.

Look Up4The Motivation

I've found life to be like that. Often time business imitates life.

You pound the pavement looking for that next client. You relentlessly pursue the completion of the next project. You proudly cross the next item off of your to do list. You build that next building or hire that next employee.

All good things as a general rule.

Just be mindful that in the pursuit of that next big thing there is a pursuit. There is a need deep in us to pause and reflect and enjoy the process. It becomes part of the paycheck in life you can't cash. Building things, creating, leading, helping, producing - those are the big things of life. And they are the things of business. You're accomplishing so much - enjoy it.

Then hit the beach.

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