Get Everyone On the Same Page

June 2011


The topics I write about generally percolate for a week or two before they make it to print.

This month, I was all set.  Ready to share what was on my mind as usual --- until I saw the following piece in Sports Illustrated.  It was a classic case of two well meaning departments not cross checking the master calendar.

“The Huntsville Stars hosted Pleasures Ladies Night (sponsored by a sex toy store) and the North-Central Alabama Girl Scouts sleepover at the same game last week.”


We all make mistakes.

Before you put your marketing calendar to rest and before that promotional schedule is printed, it’s a wise idea to check with other departments.  It’s an even smarter idea to check the piece one last time yourself.  While it may be an intern’s calendar project or something done by someone else in your office, there’s a good chance if you are in the decision process (or at the top of it), the ultimate responsibility is yours.

If you think these things only happen with small or local companies, think again.  Shortly after I went to work for an NBC affiliate a piece came out from the television network that highlighted an upcoming special sports presentation.  It was titled, “Ray Charles on Ice”.  That presents some interesting mental images.  Someone in New York had clearly not proof-read that piece before it was distributed either…

Minimize your exposure – have good cross checkers and proof readers.  Communicate.  Then check it yourself – the way my Mother and Father taught me to do it is still the best.  Read it backwards.

Proof your work.