November 16, 2020

Filling the Gap

Help Smart People2Understand Marketing

For the past decade, I’ve noticed something that seemed kind of odd to me initially. Over time, I continued seeing this pattern and I figured it was time I identified it.

Some of the smartest people I know own companies, invent products, or find a better way to accomplish a goal. They are brilliant at what they do and have built a product or service based on some sort of genius technological solution. The work they do takes brains and grit. And, of course, a lot of other pieces have to fall into place just right for them to be able to start, sustain, and grow their companies.

These same people are often clueless about marketing and advertising.

To me, it’s almost humorous because what my company does is so simple and logical, it seems rather obvious. Yet, marketing know-how often escapes these experts and entrepreneurs. When that happens, it still catches me off guard.

Genius realizes he also has to market his invention.

The Power of High Marketing IQ4Your Organization

You may have the most amazing product, service, or platform. But, if you can’t explain it to investors, partners, consumers, and your target audience, it is meaningless. Without demonstrating how you can help or fill a gap in the marketplace, you’re simply wasting a great opportunity.

Advertising must interrupt. It has to gain attention so that the recipient is ready to hear more, investigate, and learn. Marketing must explain and position. The way you communicate about your company can position you for success and detail the ways your product or service meets needs and satisfies the user. It’s simple.

So why do smart people freeze? I’m convinced they actually want to complicate things and that’s where they get tangled up. Get out of your own way and put into place the people who can translate your product or service's special value to those who need to hear about your solution. Allow them to directly communicate your message to your target audience. That’s really being smart, you know.

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