Eyes on the Outside

Outside Advice2Guide You

Proximity breeds repeat patterns.

It seems the closer we get to something, the more we accept it and just move into a routine. Some routines can be good; they can produce fruit that helps us grow and develop. Others trap us into a false sense of comfort. How do you know the difference?


Question Everything

There’s a reason many give the advice to step back and take a fresh look.

We get close to a goal and our perspective gets a little – off. Pulling back and getting a different look from someone could be very beneficial. Using a trusted outside source, who will ask some harder questions, can be even better.

A Plan4Development

Many of our clients bring us in to help them evaluate a situation or identify a potential problem. A lot of the time, we work directly with the owner or administrator of the business. Sometimes, the relationship is with the marketing manager or director. In either case, direct and honest feedback about a conundrum is one of the most valuable services we can offer.

During the early part of my career, I wasn’t always a fan of the outside consultant. Now that I am one I’ve seen the light (duh). Outside advice and a fresh look can do a few significant things:

  1. Confirm that your perspective is on target and help you frame the reasons
  2. Save you from making significant mistakes while in a rush or wrestling internal issues
  3. Provide an “outside” recommendation that may be easier for management to accept
  4. Lead you to further or additional action

A few months ago, I wrote about how rushed we tend to be and how most places of employment have fewer people to share the load. It is not a sign of weakness to reach outside of your department. Quite the opposite, actually, it’s a sign of the times and puts you in a position of strength.