October 20, 2016

Exit Ramp Etiquette


I spend a lot of time on highways watching the mile markers fly by. As I’ve written before, being on the road gives me an opportunity to really think and process. One of my more recent trips reminded me how timing and order play an important role in not only our personal lives but our business lives.

For example, the exit informational signs on highways all follow the same basic pattern. The signs are positioned in a certain order for a reason – attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and gas stations.

fl-sign 2
Sometimes the reason of the order is more apparent than others.

Think4a Minute

It just makes sense. When on a trip, there are a variety of decisions you need to make at different intervals.

If you’re going to make an unplanned detour off the highway to visit an attraction, you need a significant amount of time to consider a change in your schedule. Then you may need to decide if you want or need to stay at a hotel for the night. Those two decisions need extra time. That’s why those blue signs come first.

As for the others…You know when you’re hungry and usually what you are craving. In many cases picking a restaurant can be a quick decision. Finally, gas is a necessary stop. When you need it, you need it right away and there’s not a lot of decision making that needs to occur. Now it’s almost time to exit.

What about the marketing you do for the organization? Does it make sense? Does it follow a logical order like the information signs placed as you approach the next exit? Make sure your marketing aligns with the buying process of those who seek out your business or the services you offer. If it doesn’t, it’s time to realign to make it match.

Then think about it again the next time you’re cruising down the interstate.

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