August 3, 2022

Customer Service2Crow About

Customer Service2Crow About

We read about providing great customer service, but when you’re on the receiving end, man does it feel good.

Most of us have some favorite brands – companies which are special to us or with whom we identify even more closely.  They can be local, regional, or even national companies, but we track and follow them and are keen on what they say and sell.

When both of those elements intersect, it is special.  And frankly, it can warm the heart of a marketer – even enough to share the story and it’s impact.  Ever since I read about Shinola, I was in love.  It’s a Detroit-based company (for those who know me, it’s already a plus in my book) which started as watchmakers and quickly moved into bicycles, bags, and then jewelry.  Their work is known for it’s quality and it is intentionally Michigan-based. That keeps with their “Made in America” approach.

A few years ago I got a watch I love from my wife (who I also love) that is one of my favorite possessions. Recently the battery struggled so I took it to my local jeweler who fixed it and the watch worked fine for a few days.  Then it stopped again.  That concerned me and I decided to reach out to the maker.  

Shinola made it easy.  A form, a label printed out, a tracking number, and good communication.  They told me it needed a new battery and said they would fix it.  But that isn’t the excellent customer service point.

An Adjustment4Your Team

I explained to Bri at Shinola that I had just replaced the battery so I was confused.  She took the time to check with the tech who was working on my watch and shared with me that a certain brand of battery (the one with the bunny, if you know what I mean) didn’t pair well with their watches and that’s all it was.

I learned something new – and something I can share with my local jeweler.  But what I really enjoyed was my exchange with Bri.  We swapped a few emails back and forth. She was personable, cheerful, and it was almost like you could sense she was smiling and enjoying her work as she typed.  It shone through.  She made what could have been a frustrating situation, one that is worth sharing.  She was helpful, fast, made a lasting impression, and when she sent her salutation – Shine On – with each email, it felt real.

Honestly it made me fall even more in love with the Shinola brand and got me thinking.  What are you and your employees doing to really wow the people with whom you do business?  Start now – be a Bri.  Shine On!

Written by Bruce C. Bryan, Advertising Czar at 5Points Creative

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