February 20, 2013

Climate Control

February 2013

It’s How You Decide2Look at Things 

On two different days last week – Monday and Thursday – the temperatures in the middle of the day here in the Greater Roanoke Valley reached 38 degrees.

When I left the snowy land of Northwestern Ohio on Sunday it was 9 degrees, the snow was blowing and based on the weather that day, it seemed like a good place to be leaving.  As I drove south the snow (mostly) stopped and the warmth (mostly) arrived.  By Monday it was a “balmy” 38 degrees and I think it actually felt somewhat comfortable.

The middle of the week brought a warming trend – jet stream, winds from the south, or something.  I actually have no idea what brought the shift.  I just know that one of those days I left my winter coat at home and, in general, it almost felt like spring (while I am pretty sure the cold and snow continued straight through back in Ohio).  By Thursday afternoon another cold snap hit and it was back to 38 degrees again.  This isn’t a weather blog – so why all the talk about hot and cold?

Something4You to Consider

Both days were 38 degrees in Roanoke.  One day felt comfortable, even refreshing.  Later in the week, the same exact temperature felt cold, slightly bitter.  How can the same surroundings bring such different feelings?

The answer is in how you look at things.  The wisdom is in your approach to the challenging boss, tough problem or insurmountable prospect.  Are you coming off of a cold spell into the warmth of 38 degrees, or are you adjusting to the “warmth” of the 50’s & 60’s then dealing with 38 degrees.  It’s a simple reminder that you determine the climate of your workplace.

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