January 13, 2021

Changing with the Times

People Can Figure out How2Do Things

While I can’t remember every single detail, I do clearly recall that years ago, a friend of mine – Brett Winter Lemon, was showing me his iPhone on Kirk Avenue in Downtown Roanoke. It was spring. We were outside. He excitedly started (actually) touching his screen – on his phone – and making this little device do the wildest things.

I think it was the original iPhone that Brett was proudly using. While I don’t recall the exact model, I remember exactly what I told him that day as I cradled my beloved Blackberry.

“I could never get used to texting on a screen like that.”

Now a little more than a decade later, I think I can communicate with my two thumbs faster than just about any human being I know. I can also surf the web, update my status, check on my business, deposit a check, transfer money, view the best route to drive to Yellowstone, grab a ride, or have Blue Cow Ice Cream delivered to my home.

The smartphone is a pretty amazing machine, really. The fact that these superfast mini-computers rest in the palm of our hands is a bit mind-blowing and perhaps a little too close to Maxwell Smart’s TV show.

What This Means4You

Could I have stayed true to my Blackberry, or my bag phone, PDA, or Palm Pilot? Of course. But think how much easier conducting business is with the right tool and the knowledge behind how to use it. As the new year begins, it’s a great time to ponder how you can better do the things you’ve always done in a new way.

Too often, leaders say “I’ll never” or “I’ll always.” That’s a huge mistake.

Think about how many ways you expressed that sentiment this time last year. Now think about how many ways you’ve gone back on that internal pledge. I am glad I made the switch to the iPhone all those years ago. Was it painful? For a few weeks, yes. But now, I am adept and comfortable enough with my phone to navigate all kinds of tasks. If you don’t believe me, let’s have a text race, and I’ll prove it to you.

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