October 20, 2017

Bowling Trophies and Parking Spaces


Money is a great motivator.

Generally we can all agree on that concept and, as the holidays and the end-of-year bonus season approaches, it’s worth noting that most everyone is motivated by mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. (That’s a 90’s comedy sketch reference for those not as old as I am.)

As important as a generous compensation package may be, there are other ways to encourage success and drive the results you most want to see in your organization. I’m not saying this will only work in sales departments, but I can tell you my background is in that world and I absolutely saw a pattern.

The other day I passed a fellow business owner on Kirk Avenue in downtown Roanoke. He was carrying an old trophy he had picked up somewhere. It reminded me of “Flo”. Before the hugely successful Progressive Insurance campaign, Flo was the name of an old bowling trophy we gave to outstanding performers at WLAJ in Lansing, Michigan. Awarded once a week, Flo congratulated sellers with recognition and rewards, like rights to the prime parking space just outside the door of the TV station (a prize that was particularly valuable during Michigan’s winters – believe me).

At B2C, it's the coveted "Sandbag to Keep You from Blowing Away on Kirk Ave."We still miss you Lauren, wherever you are.
At B2C, it's the coveted "Sandbag to Keep You from Blowing Away on Kirk Ave."We still miss you Lauren, wherever you are.

This type of acknowledgement continued in Toledo, Ohio when I discovered an Asian figurine in storage at WTVG. We had a name for that masterpiece as well and it came with a fortune cookie and other fun stuff. At WNWO, we used a fancy sports medal. It was always healthy competition – usually the team encouraged one another and acknowledged each other’s success; unifying, fun, and a great way to recap a busy week.

A Marketing Reminder4Us

Celebrate your successes – together. Whether you are in sales, production, healthcare, support, marketing, or some other department, it’s a common way to change a culture. People are motivated by money, yes, but they also like to have fun, enjoy friendly competition, and appreciate the recognition. Sharing the tasks and successes as a team is one of the most important things you can do to build it.

So, you see? Bowling trophies, figurines, fortune cookies, and parking spaces can prove invaluable.

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