October 10, 2022

Be4We Knew the Right Tool

Some people must learn the hard way.  Sometimes I’m some people.

I recently estimated that I had written over 160 of these monthly B2Seeds.  Early on I emailed them from my Outlook.  For well over a decade, I used the tool Constant Contact, which was fine and got the job done.  Then about two years ago our company started util­izing­­ a Marketing Automation solution called Constant Contact's Lead Gen & CRM.

Since we made the move to Constant Contact's Lead Gen & CRM, building the right process got easier. Our marketing and business development efforts have been so much better since the switch. Now our emails are easier to share and track. We’ve also implemented a complete marketing platform that allows us to see if people are finding us through Google, these emails, social media, or some other avenue.  It’s also aided the company’s business development efforts.  The pieces just fit together.

Our clients hear from us more regularly and our potential clients are nurtured throughout their own marketing buying process.  You’ve heard of the painter whose house was never painted and the cobbler whose kids had no shoes? Well, with Constant Contact's Lead Gen & CRM our house is painted, our kids have shoes, and we have a dynamic and helpful marketing platform to support our sales efforts.

Investigate a Shift2Improve

We’re always looking for ways to improve.  

The changes we implemented at 5Points Creative led us to a better way to help our clients, too.  Some of them have benefited from what we’ve learned and boarded the Constant Contact's Lead Gen & CRM train.  It’s improved their marketing, added deeper analytics, and situated them for even more success. It can do the same for you and your company.

At 5Points Creative, it helps us track leads, prospects, and soon-to-be clients through their entire journey.  Knowing where they are in the decision cycle and assigning next step tasks, reporting, and accountability all help us on the sales side of our organization.  It’s a genuine win-win.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have an easy solution.  You can learn from us. No need for you to keep doing things the hard way.  We can talk through your specifics and then set up a demonstration so you can see how it could impact your business.

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