June 12, 2023

Be4and After

Before and After advertising is as old as... well, advertising. I mean, who hasn’t seen an ad for Weight Watchers, and marveled at the Before and After comparisons of this highly effective weight loss program?

“Here’s what I looked like before I started Weight Watchers!”  or “Here’s what my house looked like before I had new siding installed!” Let’s face it. Those before and after advertisements are as common as a Facebook post with someone bragging about what a good life they have. 

I recall working with a client in the medical industry, who absolutely hated the reality of before (problem veins, facial, or body issues) images in her advertising. In fact, we were never allowed to show the before or the after. 

Instead, we focused on ways of demonstrating to our audience the power of the after.  “How will you feel after you have gone through this process or procedure?” Or, for other clients, “How will your home or office look once you’ve completed that work?”  It was typically an approach that was aspirational in nature. 

It got me thinking. 

Think In Order2Create Something Different

So much of what we do at 5Points Creative is related to how our prospective clients expect to see their company, themselves, or their situation after they’ve engaged us to help. It starts early in the process when our team asks about why they have reached out, what they see their challenges being, or how they anticipate 5Points Creative helping. 

Once they’re on board, the headway continues as our Creative pros delve into defining what each client is hoping to accomplish. We uncover what dreams they have for their business or organization, and how those dreams with impact their customers. We continue by engaging them as to their thoughts, wishes, and desires relating to their corporate look and feel. These conversations provide the foundation and direction that facilitates the process of developing great work for our clients in order to achieve what they really want after  the hard work has been completed.    

Think about it! There is nothing that stops anyone – even you as you are reading this – from envisioning the after. It doesn’t just apply to your marketing and advertising. It relates to your operations, your sales process, your personal growth. Anything!  I’m not suggesting you can simply visualize this new after  visioning concept to make it happen. It takes more than that.

But, it stands to reason that if you start with your after, you’ll be in a better place once you begin wrestling with your before.

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June 12, 2023
Be4and After
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