January 20, 2017

Ask Away

Ask2Get Answers

Early on I was going to be a reporter – a television sports reporter, actually. I think someone told me I had a face for radio and, eventually, economics and life caused me to shift from journalism to capitalism. In the TV business we used to say "the journalists and the capitalists never cross paths", but I think I kept at least one habit from my days as a reporter.

I ask questions. A lot of questions. It could be curiosity or nosiness, but it is a heck of a good way to learn things.

B2Seed Raising Hand
"No Bruce. Again... we aren't having tacos at the end of the meeting."

And4Many Other Reasons

It's also a really important part of the business development process. Whether training sellers, information gatherers, or practicing this technique in my own agency's efforts, I know questioning is a critical part of selling. For a long time I heard salespeople were the outgoing, gregarious ones who were the life of the event. In reality, I observed the best sellers were the ones who asked good questions and listened intently to the answers provided.

The power of sales is in the hearing of the problems and the crafting of the solutions. Without questions, you cannot get to the source of the challenge. Good questions should lead to more questions. After learning, the capable seller can then propose an answer that best aligns with their client's needs. Frankly, it's the reason good doctors ask why you're there before they start the examination and provide the diagnosis. Doing it the other way around makes no sense.

Ask questions and get information.

Ask really good questions and get even better information.

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