January 20, 2015

Are you sowing seeds?

January 2015


In the five years or so of writing these monthly columns I've been asked a lot of questions and been given a lot of feedback. Therefore, I assumed my readers understood my reasons for sending the B2Seed. Then it occurred to me I could use the B2Seed as a topic of a B2Seed.

And use an image of an image for the image!

Wow. That's Deep.

Except it's not - it's really quite simple. Naturally, I like to write - hopefully you can tell that from the energy that goes into delivering some value to you with these monthly pieces. But it's far more than just being an outlet for my dormant passion for creative writing driving this work. I send these out to you as my own way to keep my company and our work in front of you on a regular basis.

It's a form of top-of-mind awareness that has proven helpful to our company through the years.


Whether you are a good writer, a good speaker, or have some other talent, it's important to have a plan and work on some sort of regular new business outreach. Monthly has been comfortable for me. I know others who like to blog daily or some who speak to groups quarterly. The interval isn't nearly as important as the act of a consistent communication.

It's the same structure that has proven so successful for so many of our clients who practice regular advertising, marketing, or public relations.

People don't always need your help, that's true. When they do, you want to make it easy to find you. With potential B2C Enterprises' clients, they know they are at most about four weeks away from hearing from us again. In addition, they can quickly pull up an old issue or look us up online.

Value. A Pause. A Chance to Connect.

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