November 12, 2019

Adding Value with Consistent Messaging

Marketing Makes4More Marketing

I’ve said it so many times lately – mostly as a sort of a preparation for what is to come for our prospective new clients.

The more marketing you do, the more there is to be done. We’ve been talking with a lot of companies who’ve gotten to where they are in spite of not having consistent marketing. Once they jump on the train, they quickly see what we’ve been saying. Some may say the concept is a great racket for companies like mine. Well, it does generate a lot of ongoing work, but the real benefit for us is seeing how instituting a plan works.

You’ve gotten where you are without a conscious effort to share your story, spread the word, and help people see and understand your value – imagine how much better things can be with consistent messaging, right?

Marketing should be part of your organization's engine, not the gas you buy to fuel it every now and then.

Recognize It and Use It2Fuel Growth

Before you started this marketing thing, you were plenty busy and perhaps you even saw success. Now some consultant is telling you it’s important to have a strong website, to update its content regularly, and to have news to share on a variety of platforms. They want you to find your voice, message it consistently, and even find ways to talk to people who used to be clients or prospects in the same manner. Then, you have to do it all again next month.

It never ends.

That’s right – the business development process, a DRIP marketing program, nurturing relationships, starting new client engagements, and ongoing care for clients really is truly never-ending. You may as well take note of that, and make sure you’re doing what you can to get more people into that process and more clients cared for in better ways.

Once you start – you won’t see a finish line. And that’s a good thing.

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